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        3DFamily Group was founded in 1996, mainly including 3DFAMILY Technology (Nanjing) CO., LTD, 3DFAMILY Technology (Shenzhen) CO., LTD, 3DFAMILY Technology (Taiwan) CO., LTD, 3DFAMILY Photoelectric Technology (Kunshan) CO., LTD .,3DFAMILY Golden Horse Instrument Technology(Gaotang,Shandong)CO., LTD., China instrument supermarket and multiple service centers.

         At that time, 3DFAMILY had made a cooperation with Taiwan University, Chung Cheng University, Chung Yuan Christian University. So 3DFAMILY has a powerful R&D Team and expert panel,concentrated on research and developing 3D laser scanner and her own software for reverse-engineering at the initial stage.So far,she has developed a variety of types of 3D laser scanning systems and 3D surface editing software. With her fast development, 3DFAMILY mainly concentrates on research and development on optical, mechanical and electronic integration technology now. Till now, 3DFAMILY has published more than 300 papers in international periodicals ,above 30 books, and  got more than 100 patents,as an industry leader in precision measurement.

           In order to meet the market demand for detection and quality management, 3DFAMILY not only provides with 3D reverse engineering laser scanners, but also optical image projectors, optical image measuring instrument, high resolution X - RAY, three coordinate measuring machine, and RoHS fluorescence analyzer .At the same time, 3DFAMILY can complete some special functions for customerˇs request especially.

            3DFAMILY has made a perfect integration of traditional optics and latest computer image processing technology. So her products are widely used in many industries such as metal products processing, mold, plastic, metal, gears, and others for testing.Moreover,her products are applied in industrial product development , mold design, hand production, the original sculpture, RP, rapid prototyping, circuit testing and other fields to boost the industry's efficiency. The company is economically strong , and form perfect service system in many aspects, such as technology, research and development, production, sales.

          At present, the company has set up sales centers in Shenzhen, Kunshan, Nanjing, Tianjin, Dongguan, Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo,Taizhou, Fujian, Chengdu, Suzhou, Wuxi, Shanghai, Taipei, Tainan and other places,At the same time,she has also set up overseas marketing agency in the United States, South Korea, Singapore, India and other regions,meaning the sales and service network spreading all over the country and  Southeast Asia and Euramerican area.
           Looking forward to the future, 3DFAMILY will insist on its own ideal that ¨people foremost, master core technology ,changeable innovation, strategic alliance, whole development, continuous management〃 and provide with new, professional and excellent products to serve customers.

           3DFAMILY Technology (Nanjing) CO., LTD, located in the charming city-Nanjing,  which was the ancient capital for six dynasties and has very convenient transport,is the research and development  base and management headquarters in mainland China . This company mainly concentrates on research and developing optical & imaging measuring machines, 3D laser scanners, mechanical & electronical control system, microelectronic control system, laser control system and related software,It has a powerful R&D team, which was consist of more than 20 high-technicians. Its members are doctors, master or bachelors mainly come from Taiwan University, Tianjin University ,Wuhan University and Southeast University. In addition,the company has cooperation with domestic advanced research institutions,established talent teaching cooperation relationship with many famous colleges and universities,to continually improve the research and development ability, and keep growing!

           3DFAMILY Technology (Shenzhen) CO., LTD was invested by 3DFAMILY Group in China mainland. It is a company of high technology, and it has its own R&D department, manufactory, sales and service department. Now its products, VPS, VPT series video projector, VM series optical image measuring instrument, LSH series 3D laser copy machine and MARCH series three coordinate measuring machine , are widely used indifferent industries. For the company’s strong productivity, dense sales net and high quality after service, it has enjoyed a good reputation in the south of China. Facing the future, they still insist on the managing ideal that ¨high-quality, new- technology, and innovating continuously〃, to provide customers better service, toward a higher goal.

          3DFAMILY Technology (Taiwan) CO., LTD was founded by many doctors , masters and bachelors from Taiwan University, Chung Cheng University, and Chung Yuan Christian University in   November1996,led by Taiwan University. At the initial stage,it was concentrated on research and development of 3D digital technology and laser scanning system. At that time, it has ranked in Taiwan hi-tech industry for its own laser scanning system, and got ¨Creative Award〃 in 2000. Now it is one of the leading companies in laser scanning industry. With the development of company, it has larger sales network in mainland China. As the strong backup force of 3DFAMILY Group, it is leading the Group to a promising future.
         3DFAMILY Photoelectronic Technology (Kunshan) CO., LTD was a rapidly developing high-tech company, invested only by 3DFAMILY Group in east China . It was located in Kunshan,of Yangtze River Delta, which is the most developed area of China and has a unique geographical advantage. Aimed at the east China market, it mainly concentrates on research and developing new technology for product design, measuring of 2D or 3D work pieces. Moreover it has own sales and service team, who are well-trained, young and professional .Working with professional technical force,they form a reasonable, competent sales and service system,who insist on advanced technology with outstanding service, to satisfy every customer’s need, making every effort to help customers achieve what they want accurately, to create brilliant achievements. 

         3DFAMILY Golden Horse Instrument Technology(Gaotang, Shandong )CO., LTD was a joint-venture company by 3DFAMILY and Gaotang Golden Horse precision machinery co., LTD.
The project, constructed in April 2011,covered an area of 60 mu,and had a total investment of 120 million yuan. The company concentrates on research and development and production of three coordinate measuring machine, car line instrument, projectors and other flat measuring terminal products, making 3DFAMILY Group turn into production of the integration of the raw material to machine from simple instrument production, marking a diversified enterprise development process of 3DFAMILY Group.

          China instrument supermarket,run by 3DFAMILY, was founded in June 2007.It’s key network of 3DFAMILY Group products and services, focused on optical measurement equipment sales and service, and has the sole agency of many world famous brand instrument product. Combined with 35 service centers and 150 exhibition centers to serve the instrument business manufacturers both at home and abroad, it’s aimed to establish the most professional, most convenient and cheapest instrument service network.

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