Home   3DFAMILY Super Star of Lijia International Machinery Exhibition
     The 14th Lijia International Machinery Exhibition lasted four days and successfully came to a close in Chengdu Expo center on Aug 18th. Mechanical enterprises from all around the country gathered together, presented a visual feast of industrial technology. 3DFAMILY, as one of the few exhibitors of precision measuring filed, is the most shining star of the exhibition.

     In this exhibition, 3DFAMILY not only displayed some common vision measuring machine such as MUMA200, VMS300,VME300 and so on, also showed newly-developed NVC432 CNC vision measuring machine, which is specially used in 3C industry launched by 3DFAMILY.

      NVC432 CNC vision measuring machine uses servo control system together with American original NAVITAR Lens to achieve the convenient and quick measuring of some complicated workpiece surface. Moreover, together with our OVM Pro 3.0 software, machine can achieve measuring of point, line, surface, cylindrical, conical, curve and other geometric elements. All these make NVC432 the most competitive measuring machine in field.

     As the first domestic brand of precise detection industry, 3DFAMILY was welcomed by all participating enterprises and customers. The exhibition organizer also expressed their warm greet because they felt honored to invite the best enterprise of domestic detection industry.

     This exhibition is the first one 3DFAMILY participated in second half year of 2013, also is the first one since 3DFAMILY launched five-star service system. On the exhibition, 3DFAMILY showed advanced features of new products, also made customer feel the profession and consideration of five-star service system.

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