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      On Dec.15th, 3DFAMILY Technology CO., LTD (3151) is listed on Taiwan OTC Stock Market. It is specialized in vision measuring machine, and the produces 3D laser scanners which can be applied widely in reverse engineering, rapid prototyping. It has been the top selling in vision measuring machine.

      3DFAMILY plan to list in the second quarter next year and will become an OTC approved company in the forth quarter. The underwriter is the Cathay Securities. The registered capital of 3DFAMILY is 300 million yuan, the paid-in capital is 197.5 million.

High technical background

      3DFAMILY was founded in Taiwan by many PhDs, masters and professors of several distinguished Taiwanese universities. Its profound research and development has spread in many fields such as optics, electronics and 3D graphics. Till now, the number of the scientific paper and patent has added up to three hundred.

Profession product

      This year, 3DFAMILY research the new product〞aluminum alloy vision measuring machine MUMA200.

      MUMA series provides cost effective solution for small part inspection. Designed with practicability and convenient in mind, MUMA is supplied power by computer USB connector or separated power adapter, and move Z axis height by fine- tuning. This new series means a vision measuring revolution. Customers are interested in the integrated design and simple operation.                                                   

Convenient services

      Till now, company has 35 branches in China and lots of overseas marketing centers. Marketing and service centers are widely located in China and overseas.

High level cooperation

      In recent years, 3DFAMILY presents high level brand value in cooperation with world-class brand. We create lots of vision measuring machine to ensure the precision of well-know mobile phone company around the world.

      In the future, 3DFAMILY will show the stronger strength in automatic vision measuring machine.

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