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--Report of 3DFAMILY Chairman Dr.Hakiem Xu at Munich exhibition in Shanghai

March 19, 2014 afternoon, chairman of 3DFAMILY Group Dr.Hakiem Xu entitled "Optical testing and quality control development" speech in Optical Technology Conference at Munich exhibition in Shanghai. In his speech, Dr.Xu described past developments and future plans of 3DFAMILY in details, and made a comprehensive speech on the future development of 3DFAMILOY in optical detection and quality control aspects.
In the speech, Dr.Hakeim Xu introduced the origin of measurement technology and development history, and then elaborated the development history of 3DFAMILY for the past 18 years that how 3DFAMILY developed from 2D, 3D image and detection of image measuring instruments to the online testing of the combination of size and blemishes, in the future, 3DFAMILY will move gradually toward online testing equipment unmanned production and assembly.

Next, Dr. Xu comprehensively reviewed and evaluated the applications of optical detection in the industrial that the overall development of the optical detection industry, from the past testing instrument for product quality and size, development of today's processing equipment to enhance accuracy mainly, while future overall trend of testing industry is the development of medical equipment to focus on human health. Starting from the fundamental of lifting equipment precision, Dr. Xu introduced the factors that affect the accuracy of equipment and solutions, how to fundamentally enhance the accuracy of the equipment, and recommended the classical precision improvement equipment.

Throughout the report, Dr. Hakeim Xu analyzed the development of optical inspection and quality control from the industry longitudinal and transverse direction, combining the development of optical image measurement with quality control applications closely, to present a picture of optical detection for audience.

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