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On 13th -15th July, 2011, more than 200 3DFAMILY person from different branch office enjoyed a tourist in Lushan.



In Lushan, all the 3DFAMILY persons enjoyed the marvelous scene, 3DFAMILY footprints can be found all over Lushan where we climb Wulao Peak and enjoy Huajing Garden, Sanbao Tree, Sandie Falling. All the area leaves are filled with our laughter.


On the last night of 15th July, 3DFAMILY has celebration party in city downtown. Many colleagues gave different kinds of perfect show in this party, The party reached high atmosphere and was ended by 3DFAMILY song. Each person*s face was beaming. The night was destined to become the memorable experience in their life.


When finish this perfect tourist, each person left laughing, happiness and good memory in Lushan.

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